Lochbuie Downtown Placemaking

Date: 6/21/2014 - 9/20/2014
Principal Researchers:

Location: Lochbuie, Colorado

The town of Lochbuie is in a redevelopment phase as a residential community serving the greater Metro Denver area. There is no identifiable downtown but there are major cross streets that may someday serve as the location for downtown Lochbuie. This was the focus of our study. Designs combined previous concepts for parks, identified new cross sections for the existing CR37 Avenue and helped locate lighting, trees along the streets, sidewalks, bike trail connections and signage. Some design work went into signage for the town’s entry and an opportunity to screen the back of an existing gas station convenience store.

The designs were carried through a number of town meetings and presented before town council. Local input helped shape the design solutions and expanded the project to look at connections to a potential park amenity east of town and provided ideas of what can be developed at the town hall parking lot. Final boards and designs were delivered to the town council and they were received favorably. These designs will help the town direct future development at the town entry and possibly help them coordinate with the county in redevelopment of the CR37 right-of-way.

Field Supervisor: Mike Tupa
CCCD Team: Connor Krause, Aynslee Joyce, Guan Wang, Karl Burkhart, Jonathan Wright and Sarah Rosenberg; 
Local Participants: Robert Fejeran, Central City Planning Director, Alex Thome, Fentress Architects, Central City Historic Committee, Central City City Council

Colorado Center for Community Development

CU Denver

CU Denver Building

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Denver, CO 80202


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