Equitable development & Community empowerment toolkit

Date: 1/21/2020 - 5/15/2020

Equitable Development & Community Empowerment Toolkit
Student Researchers:
  Dana Sparks and Julia Wcislo
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The 2019 update to Blueprint Denver, Denver's Land Use and Transportation Plan, envisions Denver as "an equitable, inclusive community" in 20 years time. To that end, we have created an Equitable Development and Community Empowerment Toolkit for use in catalytic development projects within the City and County of Denver. This toolkit is intended to inform development projects that will result in major public or private investment in neighborhoods that Denver classifies as vulnerable to displacement. It acts as a guide throughout the stages of the development process from land acquisition through development, promoting strategies to mitigate the displacement of existing residents.

Colorado Center for Community Development

CU Denver

CU Denver Building

1250 14th Street


Denver, CO 80202


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