Community Improvements

For 50 years, CCCD has worked in partnership with cities, towns and neighborhoods across Colorado to provide preliminary design and planning services. Often, communities need this preliminary work to apply for funds or gain local support for a project. CCCD students in architecture, landscape architecture, planning and other disciplines, gain the valuable experience of working on real-world projects with community clients. Design work that benefits the public is a rewarding experience, particularly when it is funded and built.

Carbondale Third Street Center Master Plan

Date: 9/1/2015 - 4/1/2016
Principal Researchers:


Location: Carbondale, CO

The Third Street Center is a not-for-profit small business incubator and community resource center which operates out of the old elementary school in Carbondale. Over the years, a few updates to the site plan have changed the original configuration in order to activate more use of the center. A series of master plans were generated and needed to be reviewed and updated into a new plan to move forward with.

The Town of Carbondale in partnership with the TSC worked with CCCD to have MLA students review those plans and develop a new unified master plan for the entire property site with a specific focus on better parking and pockets of green space. The final result opened up the site and brought attention to the main entry and outlined better parking for growth of the center.

Project Team: 
Josh Spinner (MLA), Molly Somes (MLA), Daniel Navarro-Gomez (MLA), Chris Endreson (Project Coordinator)
Local Participants: Jay Harrington (Town Manager), Colin Laird (Third Street Center Executive Director)
DOLA Regional Manager: Elyse Ackerman