Confluence Hall
Next Stage Collaborative was designed and renovated by the students and faculty of ColoradoBuildingWorkshop. In collaboration with Denver Arts and Venues, this space further supports their mission to enhance Denver’s quality of life through premier public venues, artworks, and entertainment by becoming a platform to showcase student work—something rarely seen by the public.

To best utilize the facility, students created a clean, versatile exhibition space that accommodates two different programmatic zones: the first, an entry space where guests are greeted by information about the current exhibition, and the second, the exhibition space itself. The two zones have been articulated through subtle gestures in ceiling height variation and lighting strategies.
Joel Brown
Sofia Bruni
Adam Buehler
Josh Chandler
Robert “Taylor” Chesnovar
Marika Davis
Natacha Denis
Meghan Duarte-Silva Barry
Carl Faler
Eileen Gahihausen
Sasha Godinez
Kelsey Grundman
Kurt Hartmann
Ryan Helle
Ryan Johnson
Danielle Jones
Benyamin Khezri
Allisa Lacey
Alex LaVoy
Alexander Martin
Joseph McKinney
Joel Miller
Olivia Mott
Mason O’Farrell
Christopher Powell
Brandon Smith
Rebekka Thy
Hunter Wells
Lidia West
Kelsey Wotila
Liezl van Wyk

Rick Sommerfeld
William Koning

Graduate Teaching Assistant:
Samantha Strang

Kate Hartung
Pinnacle Architectural Lighting

College of Architecture and Planning

CU Denver

CU Denver Building

1250 14th Street


Denver, CO 80202


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