Date: 1/16/2017
Student Researchers: Leigh Bryant Faculty Advisor: Osman Attmann

CRUX is a 1.5-million-square-foot community that engages the public/passerby/traveler on the lower floors, the daily visitor on the middle floors, and the permanent occupants on the upper floors. The mixed-use complex features restaurants surrounding a public plaza, a produce market with fresh food being sourced from the building itself, 150 hotel rooms with balconies overlooking the plaza, rentable rooftop garden space, office space, parking, 200 condos, and amenities for tenants (a pool, gym, indoor and outdoor game areas, two bar/cafes, and a meditation room). 
All of these user groups love being in the mix of a vibrant urban culture, while the Rockies are only a quick trip or westward gaze away. CRUX pulls the distant fresh air, change in elevation, and vegetation straight into the city, connecting inhabitants to extroverted and introverted spaces to enjoy nature in the middle of a thriving metropolis. 

Colorado Center for Community Development

CU Denver

CU Denver Building

1250 14th Street


Denver, CO 80202


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