Yuma District Hospital

  • Project Team: Vickie Berkley, CCCD staff, Pat Healy, Sarah Doyle, Anthony Pozzuoli, CCCD students
  • Local Participants:John Gardner, CEO, Yuma District Hospital, Polly Vincent, Yuma Hospital Foundation

Wiley Schoolyard Master Plan

  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Anthony Pozzuoli, Sarah Doyle, Atalya Kozak
  • Local Participants:Michelle Wallace, Principal; Dave Easton, District Superintendent

Northside Elementary Schoolyard Design

  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Sarah Doyle
  • Local Participants:Janet Freed, Grant Coordinator, Mindy Baumgardner, Special Projects Coordinator, Cara Godbe, Principal

South Routt School District Fitness Center Design

  • Project Team: Sarah Bergstrom
  • Local Participants: Dennis Alt, SOROCO High School Principal, administrators, teachers, students and community members

Crossroads Park

  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Heather Pogue
  • Local Participants:North Fork Pool, Recreation & Recreation Department

Kyffin Elementary

  • Project Team: Dan Wheeler, Byungsun Yang, Benjamin Wurzer
  • Local Participants:Tina Hageman, Grant Coordinator, Michele DeAndrea-Austin, Principal, local PTA committee members

Fairplay Recreation Park Master Plan

  • Project Team: Chris Schooler, CCCD staff, Anthony Pozzuoli, Emily Josephs, CCCD students
  • Local Participants:Tina Darrah, Kim Whittbrodt, and Charlie Schultz, Town of Fairplay

De Beque Fire Station

  • Project Team: Richard Sales, CCCD staff, Julia Valiulina, CCCD student
  • Local Participants:Town of De Beque, CO

Arvada Pattern Book

  • Project Team: Steven Cole, Matt Joiner, Matt Rennert
  • Local Participants: Historic Denver Inc., City of Arvada, Arvada Historical Society

Bent County and City of Las Animas Comprehensive Plan Update

  • Project Team: Cate Townley, CCCD staff, Jessica Osborne, Tammy Pryor, Amy Breunissen, CCCD students
  • Local Participants: City of Las Animas, CO, Benty County, CO, LiveWell Bent County, Meeting of the Minds Committee

Nederland Community Storybook

  • Project Team: Vickie Berkley, Darcy Varney
  • Local Participants: Town of Nederland

Grand Lake Center

  • Project Team: Matthew Breen, Katie Lucas, Serena McClintick, Ross Williams, Katie Benz
  • Local Participants: Jim White, DiAnn Butler
  • DOLA Regional Manager: Greg Winkler

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