Ridgway Performing Arts Stage

Jordan Borkovec Megan Brankamp CK Dohrmann DJ Gratzer Marcus Johnson Eva Kirkman Afsaneh Makooi Brian Martin Laura Mears Aaron Michalak Jenna Nelson Lauren Peterson Nathan Sandberg Jennifer Reece Christine Walsh

CEAS test research project

Principal researchers are Erica Lefeave and Lauren Cain Jane Student

Oak Creek Recreation Master Plan (Phase 1)

  • Project Team: Chad Reischl, CCCD student
  • Local Participants:Oak Creek Town Council, Recreation Focus Group

Cedar Gardens / Cedar Avenue Master Plan

  • Project Team: Sarah Doyle, Atalya Kozak, Anthony Pozzuoli
  • Local Participants:Ryan McCaw, Joyce Harwick, Kevin McGlaughlin, and Krissy Williams from MWHS

Yuma District Hospital

  • Project Team: Vickie Berkley, CCCD staff, Pat Healy, Sarah Doyle, Anthony Pozzuoli, CCCD students
  • Local Participants:John Gardner, CEO, Yuma District Hospital, Polly Vincent, Yuma Hospital Foundation

Wiley Schoolyard Master Plan

  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Anthony Pozzuoli, Sarah Doyle, Atalya Kozak
  • Local Participants:Michelle Wallace, Principal; Dave Easton, District Superintendent

Northside Elementary Schoolyard Design

  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Sarah Doyle
  • Local Participants:Janet Freed, Grant Coordinator, Mindy Baumgardner, Special Projects Coordinator, Cara Godbe, Principal

South Routt School District Fitness Center Design

  • Project Team: Sarah Bergstrom
  • Local Participants: Dennis Alt, SOROCO High School Principal, administrators, teachers, students and community members

Crossroads Park

  • Project Team: Patrick Healy, Heather Pogue
  • Local Participants:North Fork Pool, Recreation & Recreation Department

Kyffin Elementary

  • Project Team: Dan Wheeler, Byungsun Yang, Benjamin Wurzer
  • Local Participants:Tina Hageman, Grant Coordinator, Michele DeAndrea-Austin, Principal, local PTA committee members

Fairplay Recreation Park Master Plan

  • Project Team: Chris Schooler, CCCD staff, Anthony Pozzuoli, Emily Josephs, CCCD students
  • Local Participants:Tina Darrah, Kim Whittbrodt, and Charlie Schultz, Town of Fairplay