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Data Dissemination on the High Line Canal

Date: 1/1/2022 - 5/31/2022

Data Dissemination on the High Line Canal

Student Researcher: Kelsey Lindquist

Client: High Line Canal Conservancy
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The High Line Canal is a 71-mile linear park that is surrounded and managed by 11 governmental jurisdictions. I worked with the High Line Canal Conservancy to establish a method for cleaning, organizing, storing, and disseminating data. The Conservancy’s datasets were systematically cleaned and updated, then uploaded to an online data repository hosted by ArcGIS Hub. The data repository created in this project will be a hub for information on the Canal. The jurisdictions and the public will be able to access and download data on the Canal, PDF maps, and review the current plans on the Canal. This data repository will serve as a base for the Conservancy to build from as they compile and create more information on the Canal.