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Design by Community Charrette

9/1/2016 - 10/7/2016 In late September 2016, MURP students in Assistant Professor Jennifer Steffel Johnson's Urban Housing class participated in a community design charrette, which is an intensive, hands-on workshop that brings together numerous disciplines to explore architectural, planning and development options for particular areas or sites.

The Jewel

Aleksandra Sasha Pokrovskaya & Lyris Sanchez 8/22/2016 MArch Studio V Fall 2016

Tea House II

Heidy Martinez, 8/22/2016 MArch Studio I Fall 2016

Tea House

Heidy Martinez 8/22/2016 MArch Studio I Fall 2016

Overland Pavilion

Andrew Schrag & Samantha Strang 8/22/2016 MArch Studio V Fall 2016

A Museum

Rebekka Thy 8/22/2016 MArch Studio III Fall 2016

Lasley Park

Lori Catalano Students in Spring 2016 Advanced Landscape Architecture Design Studio 1/18/2016 An eight-week landscape architecture studio in spring 2016 collaborated with the City of Lakewood's Department of Community Resources as part of Hometown Colorado, a university-wide initiative that leverages faculty experience and student talent to help communities with high-priority projects.