Internships & Jobs

Meaningful student work provides experiential learning that integrates academic experience with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships and ongoing employment afford CAP students valuable applied experience and settings in which to make professional connections. Employers benefit from the added productivity of a skilled interns while also getting a chance to evaluate talent in a time limited format.


Why hire an intern

  • Increase your productivity: student interns are ready to put their knowledge and skill to work.
  • Gain a fresh perspective: students bring technology and research skills, awareness of best practices, and enthusiasm 
  • View a potential employee in action: observing an intern in your work environment can ensure fit, reduce recruitment costs and increase retention
  • Provide professional development for your staff:  mentoring and managing an intern enhances staff members’ supervisory skills
  • Develop a relationship with CAP: gain visibility for your organization, potential collaboration with CAP faculty, and learn about opportunities for students to undertake a real-client class or capstone project for your firm. 

How to hire a CAP Student

To coordinate our career services activities, we use a platform called Handshake, which includes an online job board. You can post positions for internships or permanent employment. The advantages of this system include: 

  • A centralized posting that is accessible to ALL current CAP students and recent alumni.
  • Promotion of your available positions in our weekly student bulletin.
  • Unlimited FREE job postings. There is no charge to the employer.
  • Access to students at the over 800 universities that utilize Handshake.
  • Inclusion in our events, such as career fair, lecture series, final reviews, etc.

Approved employers must be legitimate business entities. For liability reasons we are not able to advertise personal design projects through Handshake or other channels in CAP. 

Participate in the CAP Career Fair

CAP’s hosts its annual Career Fair each year in February. Local and national firms participate, providing students the opportunity to learn about potential employers, interview for positions and build their professional network. Please consult the CAP Calendar for event dates and contact Rachel Brown with any questions.

Click HERE for tips on posting to Handshake.


Finding an Internship

  • CAP posts all known internships to Handshake, so begin your search there. You can also look on employer and professional organization websites, LinkedIn, Ossom Jobs and other job boards. If there is a particular firm or office where you're interested in interning, don’t hesitate to call or email them a hiring inquiry. 
  • Attend the CAP Career Fair, held each year in February. 
  • Utilize the resources of Lynx Connect, CU Denver’s Career Center, for assistance with resumes, cover letters, networking and other job search services. 


Students can choose to use their internship for academic credit for 3-6 credit hours, depending on the academic program. Internships count toward elective credit at the regular tuition rates. To receive 3 credit hours, you must complete 135 work hours. These hours must be documented by your employer. The Masters of Urban Development degree does not have an internship for credit option.

Graduate Students 

  • If you’ve secured an internship and would like to receive academic credit for that experience, please complete the Internship Application. If your internship proposal is approved, your Academic Advisor will notify you how to register for the course. 
  • MURP Students should contact Jennifer Steffel Johnson to receive credit for an internship. 

Undergraduate Students  

Internships are valuable experiences that help you better understand the field of practice and strengthen your position as you seek permanent work. Therefore, students are encouraged to seek internships even if they are not utilizing them for academic credit. 

On-Campus Employment

On-campus opportunities exist in departments across campus and are posted to Handshake. Some students are awarded work-study funds as part of their financial aid package which allows the student to earn tax-free pay during the year. Some of the positions available within CAP include: 

  • Fabrication lab assistants 
  • Computer lab assistants 
  • Research assistants 
  • Teaching assistants
  • Student Services  

Please refer to Handshake for on-campus employment opportunities.