Research and Creative Work

In the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, students and faculty engage directly with our vibrant city, dynamic community, and magnificent landscape by working on real projects that make a real difference.

Meaningful research and creative activities are undertaken across disciplines and reseach areas such as: The ColoradoBuildingWorkshop (design-build studio), Aspen Workshop, Bixler Global Initiatives, Imagine a Great Region, Health + Design Initiative, and studios and workshops focused on riverfront and downtown revitalization, campus enhancements, green and connected infrastructure, affordable housing, mobility improvements, social equity, environmental justice, disaster recovery, adaptive reuse, and much more.

Explore the ways research and creative projects at CAP ignite evolution that enriches places for people and the planet.

Recent Projects


Architectural Design for Traditional Neighborhoods

Principal Researchers:

Korkut Onaran
Fernando Pagés Ruiz
Ronnie Pelusio
Tom Lyon
The Vinyl Siding Institute published 300 copies of Professor Korkut Onaran's book in July, which "summarizes the most critical design lessons the authors have learned through many years of practice developing traditional neighborhoods."

Urban disasters beyond the city: Environmental risk in India’s fast-growing towns and villages

Principal Researchers:

Andrew Rumbach

Gretel Follingstad

In March 2019, Urban and Regional Planning Associate Professor Andy Rumbach and Gretel Follingstad (PhD candidate in Design & Planning) published a new article in the International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. They studied 5 fast-growing towns and villages in the mountains of West Bengal, India with some pretty eye-opening findings.

I’ll have to drive there: How daily time constraints impact women’s car use differently than men’s

Principal Researchers:

Manish Shirgaokar
Kelly Lanyi-Bennett
Urban and Regional Planning Assistant Professor Manish Shirgaokar published an article in January 2019 in Transportation about the influence of gender on car use.

Operationalizing gendered transportation preferences: A psychological framework incorporating time constraints and risk aversion

Principal Researchers:

Manish Shirgaokar
Urban and Regional Planning Assistant Professor Manish Shirgaokar published an article in March 2019 in Transport Policy about the influence of gender when choosing a method of transportation.

Harnessing the power of machine learning: Can Twitter data be useful in guiding resource allocation decisions during a natural disaster?

Principal Researchers:

Manish Shirgaokar
Darcy Reynard 
Urban and Regional Planning Assistant Professor Manish Shirgaokar published an article in March 2019 in Transportation Research about the potential use of social media during natural disasters to pinpoint the most devastated areas.
Auraria Vision Zero Installation

Auraria Vision Zero

In January 2019, the WTS Colorado Student Chapter launched the Auraria Vision Zero project as part of Denver’s larger effort to promote safer streets and eliminate traffic fatalities. The project will bring public art, signage, and new lighting to several key areas around Auraria campus to slow traffic speeds and raise awareness of the Vision Zero project.