Research and Creative Work

In the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, students and faculty engage directly with our vibrant city, dynamic community, and magnificent landscape by working on real projects that make a real difference.

Meaningful research and creative activities are undertaken across disciplines and reseach areas such as: The ColoradoBuildingWorkshop (design-build studio), Aspen Workshop, Bixler International Initiatives, Imagine a Great Region, Health + Design Initiative, Colorado Center for Community Development, Colorado Center for Sustainable Urbanism, Center of Preservation Research, Center for Advanced Research in Traditional Architecture, and studios and workshops focused on riverfront and downtown revitalization, campus enhancements, green and connected infrastructure, affordable housing, mobility improvements, social equity, environmental justice, disaster recovery, adaptive reuse, and much more.

Explore the ways research and creative projects at CAP ignite evolution that enriches places for people and the planet.

Recent Projects


Green gentrification or ‘just green enough’: Do park location, size and function affect whether a place gentrifies or not?

Principal Researchers:

Jeremy Németh, Ph.D
Alessandro Rigolon

Designing for difference: Planning for immigrant integration

Principal Researchers:

Jeremy Nemeth and Edelina Burciaga (Sociology)

Student Researchers:

Peter Burke, Reilly Rosbotham, Jose Parra, Shannon Terrell, Iza Petrykowska, Mais Alnima, Steph Leonard, Quin Joel

Accessibility and well-being: Are multimodal travelers more satisfied with their lives?

Principal Researchers:

Jeremy Nemeth and Carrie Makarewicz

Student Researchers:

Former MURP students Roxanne Borzo Bertrand and Cayla Cothron; former GES student Isaac Rivera.
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Sustainability through Citizen-Municipal Partnerships

Principal Researchers:

Dr. Carrie Makarewicz
Dr. Carrie Makarewicz, an assistant professor in the urban and regional planning program, has been working on research to determine how sustainability may be affected by municipality-supported but citizen-driven projects and neighborhood engagement.
Natural Resources Strategic Plan 2019 Capstone by Dillon Mcbride

Natural Resources Strategic Plan

Student Researchers:

Dillon McBride
Urban and Regional Planning Capstone Project
Five Points Welton Street Corridor Plan

Five Points Welton Street Corridor Plan

Community engagement and research for revitalization