MURP Capstones, Projects, and Creative Work

In the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at the University of Colorado Denver, students engage directly with our vibrant city, dynamic community, and magnificent landscape by working on real projects that make a real difference. Classes, studios and workshops give students the opportunity to partner with real-world clients on projects focused on a diverse range of planning topics, including riverfront and downtown revitalization, campus enhancements, green and connected infrastructure, affordable housing, mobility improvements, social equity, environmental justice, disaster recovery, adaptive reuse, and much more. 

The Capstone project -- a semester-long endeavor that allows students to work on actual planning projects while still in graduate school -- gives students the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout their MURP careers in a real-world professional context. These projects, the culmination of what the student has learned throughout the MURP program, cover a wide range of topics depending on the student's interest. 

Below, read about the exciting work MURP students are doing in class and in their communities. 

2020 Capstone Projects

Dana Falk, 16th Street Gateway

16th Avenue: Gateway into downtown Denver

Student Researcher: Dana Falk
Shannon Terrell and Thomas Cooke, 41st and Fox Station Area Plan

41st & Fox station area plan

Student Researchers: Shannon Terrell and Thomas Cooke
Ella Sanders, Agricultural Land Policy in Western Colorado

Agricultural land policy evaluation in western Colorado

Student Researcher: Ella Sanders
Jackie Slocombe, Auraria Campus Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Auraria campus 2019 greenhouse gas inventory

Student Researcher: Jackie Slocombe
Carrie Briscoe, Community within a School

Community within a school opportunity study

Student Researcher: Carrie Briscoe
Alicia Leitgeb, Denver Nonprofit Displacement Assessment

Denver nonprofit displacement assessment

Student Researcher: Alicia Leitgeb
Sebastian Montenegro, MAAS South Denver

Denver south mobility-as-a-service

Student Researcher: Sebastian Montenegro
Gabby Masucci and Jon Brancha, Downtown Littleton Streetscape Redesign

Downtown Littleton streetscape redesign

Student Researchers: Gabby Masucci and Jon Brachna
Alex Sterling, Envisioning the Future for the Auraria Campus

Envisioning the future for the Auraria campus

Student Researcher: Alex Sterling
Dana Sparks and Julia Wcislo, Equitable Development Toolkit

Equitable development & Community empowerment toolkit

Student Researchers: Dana Sparks and Julia Wcislo
Sarah Turnback, Equity Planning Lens for Denver

Equity planning lens for Denver

Student Researcher: Sarah Turnbach
Walter Scheib, E-Scooter Ridership Trends in Denver

E-Scooter ridership trends in Denver, Colorado

Student Researcher: Walter Scheib
Annelies van Vonno, Finding Meow Wolf - Creative Placemaking, Mobility and Access

Finding Meow Wolf: Creative Placemaking, Mobility, & Access

Student Researcher: Annelies van Vonno
Rach Nyhart and Mark Duffy, Gilpin County Community Center Concept Plan

Gilpin county community center concept plan

Student Researchers: Mark Duffy and Rachel Nyhart
Reilly Rosbotham, Historic Preservation and Sustainability Guidelines

Historic preservation and sustainability guidelines

Student Researcher: Reilly Rosbotham
Alex Hemmer, Holiday Shopping Center Redevelopment Plan

Holiday Shopping Center Redevelopment Plan

Student Researcher: Alex Hemmer
Mallory Redmon, Impacts on Natural Resources around SH-285

Impacts on natural resources around SH-285

Student Researcher: Mallory Redmon
Sarah Dunmire, Indicators of Displacement: Globeville Elyria Swansea

Indicators of displacement: Globeville Elyria Swansea

Student Researcher: Sarah Dunmire
Matthew Siegle, Missing Middle Housing Options for Centennial

Missing middle housing in Centennial

Student Researcher: Matthew Siegle
Lucy Rollins, Multi-generations Housing Affordability

Multi-generational housing assessment

Student Researcher: Lucy Rollins
Jason Hanson, Museum of Denver Initial Feasibility Study

Museum of Denver initial feasibility study

Student Researcher: Jason Hanson
James Russell, Nonprofit Affordable Housing Guide

Nonprofits affordable housing guide

Student Researcher: James Russell
Natalie Floyd, Opportunity Idaho Springs

Opportunity Idaho Springs: Enhancing community engagement

Student Researcher: Natalie Floyd
Allison Diehl, Prioritization Model for Projects in Westminster

Prioritization model for projects in Westminster, CO

Student Researcher: Allison Diehl
Val Henao, Safe Routes to School Westwood

Safe Routes for Youth in Westwood

Student Researcher: Val Henao
Philip Strom, Shady Lane Mobile Home Park Development

Shady Lane mobile home park development

Student Researcher: Philip Strom
Alayna OlivasLoera and Ben Gellman, Shared Micromobility in Sun Valley

Shared micro-mobility in Sun Valley

Student Researchers: Ben Gellman and Alayna Olivas-Loera
Sam Lasher, St. Vrain Creek Restoration Assessment

St. Vrain Creek restoration assessment

Student Researcher: Samantha Lasher
Nicole Bush, Urban Public Stormwater Management

Stormwater management for the Sheridan-Quincy trail

Student Researcher: Nicole Bush
Kate Stefani, Sunrise Zoning and Land Use Analysis

Sunrise zoning and land use analysis

Student Researcher: Kate Stefani
Caitlin Jacobshagen, Landscape/Architecture Templates for Affordable Housing

Templates for affordable housing

Student Researcher: Caitlin Jacobshagen
McKenzie Metzger, Teton County GIS Analysis

Teton county GIS analysis

Student Researcher: Mckenzie Metzger
Shelby Jablon, Teton County Short Term Housing Study

Teton county short term rental study

Student Researcher: Shelby Jablon

Previous Capstone Projects

Natural Resources Strategic Plan 2019 Capstone by Dillon Mcbride

Natural resources strategic plan

Student Researcher: Dillon McBride
Image showing street art in a creative district

Ensuring the health of the creative district

Student Researcher: Camron Bridgford
Image Showing Waste Management Issues in Nepal

Sustainable landfill redesign in Chitwan, Nepal

Student Researchers: Alison Blaine and Molly Marcucilli
People playing in the snow with tall hotels in the background

Making Winter Park sustainable

Student Researcher: Andrew Williams

Class and Studio Projects

Group photograph of the studio class in Dillion

Summer Planning Studio: Downtown Revitalization in Dillon, CO

Principal Researchers:

Korkut Onaran, Ph.D
Urban and Regional Planning Planning Project Studio Summer 2018
Students in the Fall 2016 Urban Housing class work on a housing design charrette.

Design by Community Charrette

In late September 2016, MURP students in Assistant Professor Jennifer Steffel Johnson's Urban Housing class participated in a community design charrette, which is an intensive, hands-on workshop that brings together numerous disciplines to explore architectural, planning and development options for particular areas or sites.

Planning Project Studio: Creating a Quality-of-Life Plan for RiNo's Arts District

Urban and Regional Planning Planning Project Studio

Creative Projects

WTS Students Build a Parklet for PARK(ing) Day 2019.

Parking Day 2019

Student Researchers:

Sebastian Montenegro, Annelies van Vonno, Nicole Bush, Stefi Szrek, Bradyn Nicholson, Phoebe Fooks (MURP), and Kristen Gough (Civil Engineering, MSU)
On September 20, 2019, students from the WTS Colorado Student Chapter hosted a pop-up parklet in Larimer Square. The "Larimer's Living Room"-theme parklet was voted "Best Community Parklet" by visitors.
Auraria Vision Zero Installation

Auraria Vision Zero

In January 2019, the WTS Colorado Student Chapter launched the Auraria Vision Zero project as part of Denver’s larger effort to promote safer streets and eliminate traffic fatalities. The project will bring public art, signage, and new lighting to several key areas around Auraria campus to slow traffic speeds and raise awareness of the Vision Zero project.
Urban and Regional Planning students participate in Parking Day 2017.

Parking Day 2017

On September 15, 2017, students in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at CU Denver participated in the annual Park(ing) Day outside of the College of Architecture and Planning at 14th and Larimer in downtown Denver.