WTS & APAS Partner with RTD to Host Job Shadowing Event

On Friday, October 19, 2018, APAS and WTS partnered with RTD to host a job shadowing event. Twelve MURP students were invited to learn about the inner workings of the Denver metro area transit agency and the different planning jobs they offer.
RTD’s Planning Project Manager Susan Wood organized presentations from ten planners working in nine different departments, including Bike Planning, First and Last Mile Study, Quality of Life Study, Modeling and Operations, Planning Projects, Environmental Planning, TOD Planning, Travel Forecasting, and Service Planning. In addition to learning about the various jobs that planners hold at RTD, the students were able to engage in conversation and ask questions about specific projects that RTD is working on.
Second year MURP student and WTS member, AnnaRose Cunningham said, “This event provided great exposure to the work that a regional transit agency does. From highly technical engineering and data driven to  public engagement positions it was valuable to hear the breadth of work that goes on inside the agency.”