Program Information

Our graduate program provides the skills and knowledge specified for graduate study in architecture and is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Our program responds to and aligns with the evolving nature of professional practice. Collaborative work environments prize critical thinkers, problem-solving team players, builders and leaders with excellent communication skills. Recognizing that the practice of architecture is now global, we provide students with international perspectives and experiences giving them a competitive edge when they enter the profession.

If you have an undergraduate degree that is not a related design degree, you should plan on up to 3½ years to earn your Master of Architecture (M Arch) degree. You can learn more about the program and application process on the Six Studio Track program page.

If you have a pre-professional undergraduate degree in architecture or a related design field, you may receive advanced-standing credit for your previous coursework and can expect to complete your Master of Architecture (M Arch) degree in about two years. You can learn more about advanced standing and the application process on the Four Studio Track program page.

Our Master of Architecture is a STEM designated program, officially approved by the Colorado Board of Higher Education (CIP code: 04.0902). The STEM designation allows our Masters of Architecture students to apply for the Department of homeland Security’s optional practical training (OPT) extension program for F-1 students with STEM degrees. Upon completion of a STEM-designated degree, students may extend their stay in the United States an additional 24 months.

Master of Architecture Student Work Gallery

Photograph of architectural model

Spatial Vignettes

Student Researchers:

Michael K. Hackett
M.Arch Studio I Fall 2017
Photograph of concrete and wood model

Slipping Pavilion

Student Researchers:

Shane Krenn
Master of Architecture Studio I Fall 2017
Photograph of study model made with wood, wire and foam

House in Pursuit of Reverie

Student Researchers:

Danielle Jones
MArch Studio V Fall 2017

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