Historic Preservation and Disaster Recovery

Andrew Rumbach and Douglas Appler (University of Kentucky)

Architectural Design for Traditional Neighborhoods

Korkut Onaran
Fernando Pagés Ruiz
Ronnie Pelusio
Tom Lyon

Resilient Development: Fantasy Plans and Unplanned Developments in India's Flood‐Prone Coastal Cities

Andrew Rumbach

Liza Weinstein (Northeastern University)
Saumitra Sinha (University of North Carolina)

Accessibility and well-being: Are multimodal travelers more satisfied with their lives?

Jeremy Nemeth and Carrie Makarewicz Former MURP students Roxanne Borzo Bertrand and Cayla Cothron; former GES student Isaac Rivera.

Designing for difference: Planning for immigrant integration

Jeremy Nemeth and Edelina Burciaga (Sociology) Peter Burke, Reilly Rosbotham, Jose Parra, Shannon Terrell, Iza Petrykowska, Mais Alnima, Steph Leonard, Quin Joel