Faculty Research

Historic Preservation and Disaster Recovery

Andrew Rumbach and Douglas Appler (University of Kentucky)

Architectural Design for Traditional Neighborhoods

Korkut Onaran
Fernando Pagés Ruiz
Ronnie Pelusio
Tom Lyon

Resilient Development: Fantasy Plans and Unplanned Developments in India's Flood‐Prone Coastal Cities

Andrew Rumbach

Liza Weinstein (Northeastern University)
Saumitra Sinha (University of North Carolina)

Accessibility and well-being: Are multimodal travelers more satisfied with their lives?

Jeremy Nemeth and Carrie Makarewicz Former MURP students Roxanne Borzo Bertrand and Cayla Cothron; former GES student Isaac Rivera.

Designing for difference: Planning for immigrant integration

Jeremy Nemeth and Edelina Burciaga (Sociology) Peter Burke, Reilly Rosbotham, Jose Parra, Shannon Terrell, Iza Petrykowska, Mais Alnima, Steph Leonard, Quin Joel