Urban and Regional Planning Department

Our vision is to be a national leader in educating skilled, engaged planners and creating vibrant, sustainable communities.

Our Mission and Values

Inspired by our setting in the downtown of a thriving urban center in the dynamic Rocky Mountain region, our mission is to: 

Seven core values inspire all the work we do:

Recent Department News

  • Women in Transportation

    Sep 17, 2018 by CAP
    Three students in the Transit Planning course taught by Carrie Makarewicz, assistant professor of urban and regional planning, volunteered at the first annual “Transportation Girl” event on September 7, 2017, representing the field of transportation planning.
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  • Predicting Gentrification: Paper Published

    Sep 17, 2018 by CAP
    Researchers have determined many of the factors that make neighborhoods susceptible to gentrification, but we know less about why some gentrification-susceptible neighborhoods gentrify and others do not.Some studies claim that internal neighborhood features such as historic housing stock are the most powerful determinants of gentrification,whereas other studies argue that a lack of strong affordable housing policies is the primary driver of neighborhood change. In this article, we move beyond a focus on singular determinants to recognize the interplay between these variables. We develop a socioecological model of gentrification in which we characterize neighborhood change as shaped by nested layers we categorize as people (e.g., demographics), place (e.g., built environment), and policy (e.g., housing programs). We then test the model in the five largest urban regions in the United States to begin to determine which variables within the people, place, and policy layers best predict whether a neighborhood will gentrify.
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