Landscape Architecture Department

The department's mission is to educate students to lead design and planning processes to create health, well-being, and environmental resilience through design in the public realm.

We deliver a fully accredited Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) for first professional degree students and post-professional students (those already holding a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture or Bachelor of Architecture degree). Our program balances theory and practice, and emphasizes design to support human well-being and environmental balance.  

Landscape Architecture Faculty
The Department of Landscape Architecture consists of tenured/tenure-track faculty, instructors, and part-time lecturers with diverse backgrounds and interests who share a passion for teaching, research and practice. They provide a wide range of experience and different perspectives and approaches to landscapes, places and communities and the processes that change them. Faculty members are engaged in scholarship and research as well as traditional and emergent forms of practice, and integrate those into the courses they are teaching, exposing students to the width, breadth and depth of the discipline and to current and future issues and opportunities. To learn more about our faculty members, please visit the MLA Faculty directory.

Department News