Summer Studio and Travel Opportunities

Mountain Studios

Each year, at least one Coloradp/Mountain section of the Planning Project Studio course is offered over the summer semester. This section is anchored partly in Denver and partly in a mountain community in Colorado. The course offers students the opportunity to travel to the chosen mountain community multiple times over the course of the summer and work on a variety of complex planning challenges unique to Colorado mountain communities. 

International Studios

The rapidly changing and global world demands experienced understanding of different cultures and their planning practices. While many of our classes offer the chance to study how cities are designed and built around the world, nothing can replace the actual experience of living in a foreign city and of understanding how it differs from our urban environments. 

Each summer, the College of Architecture and Planning offers at least one international section of the Planning Project Studio course for Urban and Regional Planning students. These programs are offered at competitive prices and offer students the opportunity to add a unique international component to their education, giving students an expanded perspective that will aid in their future careers.

International studios typically involve spending approximately one month living and studying abroad, working with international communities and planners to complete a meaningful project. Depending on the studio, additional work may be required of the students upon their return to Colorado.